is a trans non-binary Taiwanese American writer, translator, activist, journalist, and independent scholar based in Taipei. They specifically do transgender, non-binary, and asexual/aromantic advocacy work in Taiwan.

Yo-Ling Chen (陳有靈)

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Yo-Ling is a contributing editor at 破土 New Bloom Magazine, where they primarily cover transgender issues in Taiwan. Their writing and journalism has been published in The Diplomat, Taiwan Insight, and other publications.

Yo-Ling is also a founding editor and translator at 酷兒翻越 Queer Margins, an online publication specializing in English-to-Chinese translations of gender and intimacy diversity content, and they are a 2024 Frontline Nonfiction Translation Fellow for Chinese-to-English translation.

Yo-Ling's academic research and teaching focuses on the intersections of transgender studies, asexuality studies, and Taiwan studies. Their independent scholarship has been published by Routledge, where they are currently working on a co-edited volume tentatively titled Global Asexualities and Aromanticisms. They have guest lectured at multiple universities across Taiwan and are broadly interested in ethics and transpacific intellectual history.

Yo-Ling also offers professional English editing services on a sliding scale basis for academic and literary works across the humanities and social sciences.